The Best Frozen Yogurt

21 Apr

By:Whitney Furr

The latest trend popping up in strip malls all across the nation is Frozen Yogurt shops.  Recently in Frederick, I believe we received the best of them all called Sweet Frog.  Sweet Frog has the best frozen yogurt and toppings.  Sweet Frog offers over 10 different delicious Frozen Yogurt Flavors including unique flavors such as Milky Way or Brownie Batter.  This fabulous yogurt shop also has an amazing toppings bar with everything from fresh fruit to gummy bears.  Sweet Frog is also very inexpensive and priced per weight so you can get as little or as much as you want.   Sweet Frog is definitely the best FroYo shop in the Frederick area. tumblr_m9wx9obgJ31qlvdr6o1_500


Best Smartphone Series on the Market

20 Apr

By: Maegan Green

The Samsung Galaxy Note series stands apart in the world of mobile devices.  They have the largest screens.  Their capabilities along with their size have placed them in a whole new category of tablet-smartphone hybrids. Listed below are several reasons why the Note series is the best out there:

1.)  Perfect screen size.  I can carry it in my pocket and text with one hand.  Yet, at 5.3 and 5.5 inches, they are the best smartphones for enjoying videos, gaming, e-books, and web browsing.

2.)  Exclusive features are convenient tools for graphic design and note-taking.  The Note comes with a special stylus that can take and edit screenshots like no other device can.  There are apps that are designed exclusively for the Note.

3.)  It just keeps getting better.  The Note II has a faster processor and more “s-pen” capabilities then its predecessor.  There are also video-editing enhancements and the ability to run multiple apps on the screen at once. Samsung plans to give the Note III wireless charging capabilities, an indestructible display, massive hard drive storage and many more new features.

4.) Makes it easy to access any sort of media content through torrents, direct downloads, and more. Most websites appear in full HTML, which is great for streaming. With this feature and internet connection, you can even stream cable TV live through certain websites.

5.)  Stand out from the crowd.  So many people have an iPhone. Having a Note says that you think outside the box and that you are interested in having a mini computer in your pocket instead of just  a basic touchscreen phone.

Best Solution for Bad Hair Day

19 Apr

By Dessiree Peña

Hairstyle can be frustrating sometimes. The problem of straightening or smoothing hair is that most of the time you end up burning it. Biosilk silk therapy is the best product that you can put on hair. Continue reading

An Otterbox Case is an iPhone Must Have

19 Apr

OtterBox Defender Series
Courtesy of

By: Monique

iPhone users are advised to get a phone case immediately when they buy a new phone. There’s so many cases out there it gets hard to choose between a good-looking case over a durable and protective case.

I’m a klutz and technology is my biggest enemy. I’ve had an iPhone for almost a year with no issues because I had the Otterbox Defender Series for the iPhone 4s. This is an amazing case and is well worth the money for several reasons:

  • This case is drop, dust, and scratch proof
  • Has a 3 layers of protections.
    • A hard case to protect the phone from scratches and dents
    • A built in screen protector to protect the screen from scratches, water droplets, and finger prints.
  • You can find a cheaper ( and real ) alternative online at places like Amazon.
  • It comes in different colors that you can build yourself or are predesigned.
  • $30.00 cheaper than it’s competitor, Lifeproof phone cases. 

Give it a try!

Otterbox Break-Down

OtterBox Case Break-Down
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Ginger, My Mom’s Best Friend

19 Apr

By Gail Lantion

DOG with a boneExtremely loving, affectionate, and patient.



Sensitive to strangers.

And loyal. She loved you even when you scolded her.

 Protective of those she cherished like my Mom.

Ginger watched over her during good times and bad.

One day, she just knew.

Something was wrong. My Mom had passed away.

No one had to tell Ginger. Back and forth, she paced.


As if to say, “Where are you, Mom?” It was so sad to see.

That frantic pace, but one day, she gave up.

And passed away too, like Mom, so she could watch her forever.

Nike Frees Free Your Soul.

19 Apr

Dyanna Prater

Hands down, the best running shoes on the market and here is why;

  • Comfortable, nothing compares to running barefoot, but these shoes come very close.
  • Appearance, these shoes scream S-T-Y-L-E. With bright vibrant colors whether you like to run during the day or at night, you will always be notice in these shoes.
  • Fit, true to size. These shoes actually fit your feet, unlike those colors shoes that say they do. With the sock liner being very soft it is almost if it forms around your foot.
  • Function, these shoes are flexible. They bend with your foot instead of being those average shoes that are just stiff. As a little more cushion then average shoes so your feet do not get too worn out.
  • Overall, an amazing shoe. It is the same price as any running shoe on the market, but it is hands down better than the rest of them.


Be Smart with the Best Smartphone

18 Apr
The iPhone is the winner is the smartphone debate.  Photo from Mac Rumors

The iPhone is the winner is the smartphone debate. Photo from Mac Rumors

We are living in the age of the smartphone. But with so many choices how to you choose? Droid or iPhone? The choice is simple: the iPhone is the best phone.

The capabilities of the phone are virtually endless. You can call and text like on any old phone, and you have your camera, too, of course. However, when you need some music, just play it on your phone. Want to play Angry Birds or any other popular game? It’s right there on your iPhone. Check Facebook? Instagram a photo? Tweet? It’s all right there, and it’s really easy to navigate.

Even without a manual or a tech savvy brain, you can use the iPhone without worry. The time it takes to figure out the inner workings is almost no time at all. Why waste your time with other smartphones when this one has it all from the easy navigation to the multitude of bonuses that come along with the apps and music?  The iPhone really is the best smartphone ever.